Desert canyon in Times Square
The world is flush these days with museum quality white cube shows in both commercial gallery and institutional spaces.  But also on the rise are artworks that utilise the city’s infrastructure as both a method of display and as a medium.
Every day from 11:57 pm to midnight, a sweeping image of desert landscapes fill 36 of the large outdoor video screens lining Times Square, covering 63,500 square feet of screen space.  This time based work is entitled Buoy and is a luminous tribute to the Californian desert on the other side of the land mass.  Made by Seoungho Cho, the work reflects on the polar extremes of this desert, which was once the floor of a vast sea, now traversed by sight-seeing tourists.
The video work changes the cacophonic ad space into an immersive art installation, alluding that the city itself is a canyon, crevices winding through tall cliffs of surrounding skyscrapers.  
The ephemeral piece is just three minutes long and will be showing until June 30th.
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Wrapped Buildings, New York City

Christo and Jeanne-Claude


Christo and Jeanne-Claude  “Wrapped Buildings, New York City”

  • Packed Building (Project for 1 Times Square, Allied Chemical Tower N.Y.) Collaged photographs 1968 (Detail)
  • Lower Manhattan Packed Buildings (Project) 2 Broadway and 20 Exchange Place | Photomontage 1964-66 (Detail) 

In February 1964, Christo and Jeanne-Claude arrived in New York on board of the SS France. Shortly after seeing the tall buildings of downtown Manhattan from the bow of the ship, Christo did the first collages of Two Lower Manhattan Wrapped Buildings, No. 2 Broadway and No. 20 Exchange Place. Later, when Christo and Jeanne-Claude met with the owners to request permission to realize the project, the answers were negative.