Natural Design by Audi & RCA

Last week, Audi gathered together a present the final designs from a group of promising Royal College of Art design students.  The young designers were asked to dream up a new carbon-neutral mobility concept for the future inspired by the natural world.  The ten best teams showed off their prototypes to a rapt audience, a culmination of six months of hard work and collaboration between the students and Audi experts.  These models show the incredibly important prototype stage when developing new design ideas.

See the short film here. Vote on your favorite design on AudiUK’s Facebook page here.

Audi A 0 by Edward Starkey

Functional outer scaling sites on a skeletal chassis structure.  It senses other road entities through biomechanics sensors, mimicking those seen in nature.  Swarm Intelligence allows road users to work together as one entity, negation some of the congestion problems of today.

Audi V-Tron by Kaori Takasu, Alei Verspoor and Ferran Mestres

The function of the wires which are attached to the doors is to create easy access. The top exterior surface of the car is a special fabric which uses electrical stimulations to open/close small eye-like holes in order to change driving modes.

Audi E-Flux by Samuel Johnson and Emma Sheldon

This concept explores the transition of air, light and sound from the surrounding environment into the vehicle’s interior space. Using this principle the E-Flux reverses the trend of vehicle design which focuses on the interior rather than the outside world. This has allowed us to explore a new design direction while keeping the core identity of an Audi.

Dolphin by Michal Vlcek

This project explores how a vehicle can alter and adapt its movement with reference to the knowledge it acquires by observing the nature around it. It pursues ‘advancement through technology’ from a different perspective.