New MacBook Pro brings together all the best features of Apple products in laptop

The new MacBook Pro is out in the world, featuring incredible screen resolution on a screen that packs over 5 million pixels into fifteen inches.  The eye-popping viewing experience is akin to the iPhone or iPad, but this is the first retina display available on a computer. Mashable has taken photos of some images side by side on an old Macbook and the new.

The downside is that software has not yet caught up with Apple’s screen innovation, so only classic Apple programs will reflect the improvements - iPhoto, Safari, Final Cut, iMovie, etc. but updates are on the way for Chrome and Kindle.

Apple has also introduced another significant but less apparent big change in computer technology.  Hard drives have been completely replaced with flash drives.  Flash drives have many benefits, they are much more durable, because there are no mechanical moving parts.  They use less battery and are much smaller, allowing computers to become thinner. Flash drives were used for the Macbook Air. They are more expensive than hard drives, but this is the first time that Apple has been able to balance the benefits with the price tag, bringing you the first fully functioning laptop without a hard drive. 

For those sonically inclined, the dual stereo speakers and double microphones sound amazing. Apple designers say that two mics are better than one for cancelling out white noise more effectively, making for a better Skype chatting and also making way for Mac OS Mountain Lion talk to type dictation software.  

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