Audi A8 - Intelligent lighting technology

Our innovative new Matrix LED technology is now available on the Audi A8, anticipating and reacting constantly to light sources on the road. So it’s reassuring to know that the full-time high beam gives you bright illumination, and automatically dims sections of the headlight whenoncoming traffic approaches to avoid dazzling other drivers.

When cornering, the LEDs also intuitively brighten or dim to shift focus along the curve of the road, and help you to turn safely. These headlights give the car an unmistakable appearance during the day, and significantly reduce eye-strain when driving at night.
The development of quattro

quattro is an innovation that allows dynamic driving and precise handling in all conditions, delivering power where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Find out how our all-wheel drive system has evolved from the iconic 1980 Audi quattro to the present day.