Auerbach’s RGB Colorspace Atlas

As part of an exhibition with MOMA entitled Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language, Tauba Auerbach has created a piece that visualises the RGB colour field in three dimensions, not too unlike a psychedelic stack of Post-Its.
"Human eyes typically have three types of colour receptor on their retinas, each sensitive to a different range of wavelengths of light. The colours associated with these wavelengths are approximately red, green, and blue. Because there are three types of colour receptor, it is possible to map the visible spectrum in a three-dimensional spatial model by assigning red, green, and blue each to a dimension. It is then possible to outline a cube in this space, where the values of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) are visible on a gradient scale of 0 to 100% in their respective directions. These gradients combine to create the RGB colour space cube, a volume in which any colour can be located by a set of three coordinates. RGB Colourspace Atlas, both a sculptural object and spatialisation of colour, consists of three books. Each volume contains the entire visible spectrum mapped out over 3,632 pages, representing the RGB cube sliced in a different direction: vertically, horizontally, and from front to back.” - MOMASee the video and more on the work on the MOMA microsite. 
Josef Schulz
A student of Dusseldorf photographers, Thomas Ruff and Bernhard Becher, Schulz focuses on the pristine forms of modern infrastructure in his series “formen”. 
Building Pattern

Breaching Whale


Robert Majkut is a talented designer from Poland that seeks inspiration in his dreams. Some time ago he saw a dream where a grand piano appeared that didn’t seem like anything else he had seen before. For weeks he was chasing the picture trapped in his mind, trying to recall the exact shape of the piano. One day his mind unlocked and Whaletone was born. Whaletone is a bespoke piano that looks like a whale emerging from the water and with its sleek curves and excellent sound is ready to conquer us all.

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