Train tracks
Light Cube

Christian Marclay

Untitled, 1991. Relief print, composition and sheet: 39 x 39 1/16”.

Christian Marclay
Untitled, 1991. Relief print, composition and sheet: 39 x 39 1/16”.
Robot Family by Helmut Newton

Illustrations of Tokyo

Tokyo-born Tatsuro Kiuchi created these poignant illustrations for part of a graphic novel called “Downtown Rocket by Jun Ikeido.  The film noir framing combined with hand hewn lines and textures are compelling.  The emptiness in the images captures the feeling of walking alone late at night on a city street.

His Tumblr.

Light of Other Days

Both born in Switzerland in 1979, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs met in at the School of Art and Design in Zürich in 2005.  They have worked together on several different projects and often collaborate with Bernard Willhelm, the wildly innovative fashion Antwerp trained fashion designer.

This series of direct positive photographs is entitled Light of Other Days. It is testament to the imperfect capture of light that is photography.  Their work verges on the edge of photography, sculpture and installation, examining the two dimensional limitations of photography and how the placement of objects in space can lead to a fictional and humorous interplay.  Each shot is meticulously crafted, staged and lit.  

Their book, The Great Unreal (2009) lead to a show at MOMA PS1, and is a take on the cliche of the American road trip, both intelligent and absurdist.

Their website

MOMA PS1 show

Nowness: “Tall Tales”

Ingolstadt’s Theatre
Inside the Stadttheater (municipal theatre) in Ingolstadt, Germany where Audi is based.  The building was designed by husband and wife duo Hardt-Waltherr Hämer and Marie-Brigitte Hämer and was completed in 1966.
Hexagonal System
An interesting way to divvy up space and avoid being boxed in!

Richard K. Thomas, Space-Partition System Based on Hexagonal Cells