Marclay’s Record Collage

Christian Marclay has explored the fusion of fine art and audio cultures, attempting to visualize sound or change it from audio format to visual formats such as sculpture, collage, installation, photography and video.  For his ‘Body Mix’ series (1991-92), he stitched together album covers into works to create strange phantasms of music and culture – such as Deutsche Grammaphon conductors with the slender legs of Tina Turner – that bring to mind SurrealistExquisite Corpses’. This transformation of musical instruments or objects to create visual puns is an essential component of Marclay’s work.

"I’m interested in the sounds that people don’t want." - Christian Marclay

Marclay began his exploration into sound and art through performances with turntables in 1979, while he was still a student. Early work includes a series of ‘Recycled Records’ (1980-86), fragmented and reassembled vinyl records that became hybrid objects that could be played, replete with abrupt leaps in tone and sound.   

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