How does quattro help in winter?

In wintry conditions, even getting out of the driveway can be difficult. Once wheels start to spin, it’s difficult to get back on course. With quattro all-wheel-drive, torque is directed to each wheel as its needed. So when one wheel loses traction, your car keeps moving and you stay in control.
The Great Escape
Norway’s capital city is thriving. And from its roots as a former shipyard to its modern urban reputation, the waters of Oslofjord frame a city that’s as beautiful as it is forward-thinking.
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The Audi Smart Display
At this month’s CES in Las Vegas, we unveiled the exciting prototype Audi Smart Display. Our new portable tablet features the Android operating system, a 10.2-inch full-HD display encased in brushed aluminium and is powered by a state-of-the-art NVIDIA Tegra 40 processor.
From controlling music and playing video content, to giving directions and displaying the car’s operating system, it can also be used at home or away from the car.  
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The development of quattro

quattro is an innovation that allows dynamic driving and precise handling in all conditions, delivering power where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Find out how our all-wheel drive system has evolved from the iconic 1980 Audi quattro to the present day.

New Audi Matrix LED headlights

The latest in a long line of Audi lighting innovations, the cutting edge Matrix LED headlights featured on the new generation Audi A8 are worth a closer look. It’s a whole new chapter in automotive technology, with each LED individually controlled for high-precision lighting.

These small diodes work in conjunction with lenses or reflectors connected in series, activated and deactivated or dimmed depending on the situation. As soon as the on-board camera in the A8 detects oncoming vehicles, the Audi Matrix LED headlights dip so as not to dazzle the drivers.

Audi Matrix LED headlights also have other capabilities. For instance, the front and rear indicators dynamically sweep from the inside out to show more clearly when the car is indicating, creating a safer environment for road users. When Matrix LED headlights are linked with the optional night vision assistant, if a person or large animal is detected in the critical range in front of the car, a warning bell sounds and individual LEDs flash at them rapidly three times in succession, alerting both the pedestrian and the driver.

quattro permanent all-wheel-drive

By reading the road in real time, quattro all-wheel-drive technology allows power to be distributed to each of the four wheels when it’s needed. 
Great wall of quattro

A unique Audi-designed art installation is on display at the International Design Museum in Munich. It was made to symbolise the sheer grip of quattro, showcasing  the Audi Sport quattro concept ‘climbing’ up a wall.

The installation, devised by the Audi Design team, is studded with 1800 models of the car that started it all – the 1980 Audi quattro. The models are cut from lightweight aluminium and weigh just 860 grams each.